Email Excerpt

“The book and room lights which were distributed in rural Singida with Ed, Gigi and Andrea have been of immense use and benefit to the target group.  Students use them for their evening preparations and studies.  Families use them when cooking, eating and for important gatherings at night.  Because of their limited numbers, students use them in groups.  They call them the “liberators”.  Teachers have also reccommended them as they record improvement in their own performance as well as the students who happen to have received the lights.

On behalf of rural students, teachers and the general public, we strongly reccommend the solar light project for our rural schools and dispensaries and will appreciate if more can be supplied and distributed accordingly. [...]
Please keep on lighting the lives of the poor of Tanzania through these lights.”
~Mungwe ABC Athman, PEN Trust Chairman
Thank You Letters
Thank you letters from children who received room lights through the “Lights for Literacy” Pilot Program.