Lights For Literacy


In areas with little or no electricity such as Sub-Saharan Africa and India, the majority of people live “off grid”.  In these areas the day ends when the sun sets and children have little opportunity to read or do homework.  The Global Energy Network Institute’s extensive research shows that increase in energy consumption has a direct correlation in literacy rates1 . However, governments in developing countries do not have the means to build extensive power lines or networks that is much needed.  In addition, these projects would take decades and huge amount of resources which they lack.  Children living off grid need immediate and sustainable solutions now.  Solar powered book lights would dramatically change a child’s life by providing the ability to read and work at night, promoting literacy which is the key to ending poverty. As seen in the charts below, literacy rates correlate with energy usage.  The areas that have higher energy consumption rates also have higher literacy rates.
Electricity usage in Africa

The Bourke Family Foundation is committed to increasing literacy by providing solar powered book lights to children where the basic need of light is scarce.  By providing book lights, we give children the opportunity to read and educate themselves out of the poverty cycle.
Successes from 2011 through 2017.