November 2012 Last November, The Bourke Family Foundation partnered with Rotary Club of Gaborone to ship 500 room lights to secondary school children in  Gaborne, Botswana.


March 2012 Pastor Francis Opoku has been getting help to the The Bourke Family Foundation since the first shipment of lights arrived in Ghana. Thanks to him, we’ve received frequent updates and pictures about how the solar powered lights have helped the children advance in their learning. Please take a moment to view the video of children attempting to read at night. 

January 2012 As a follow-up to the previous post (November 25,2011), the LICOREC (Lighted Community Reading Centers) program was establishedHere is an excerpt from the email we received from ACM Ghana: “Sitting on logs of lumber, they are still happy that after many generations, they can enjoy the opportunity of reading under clean (solar chargeable) lights. But it was cold. So I made a suggestion that they shift their meeting from the night to the afternoon. The beautiful girl in blue dress (as shown in the photo below)  ‘No, after school, we the girls have lots of work to do at home. This is the only time we can have to join in the reading. Otherwise, we miss everything‘.” When asked how the lights have helped, one boy answered, “We are getting familiar with some simple words we did not know. And we are learning their spellings, too“.

The Bourke Family Foundation is  inspired by the progress the children have made and is excited for future updates.

The teacher was helping the children with their reading
The children couldn’t take their eyes off the books
A boy was answering a question
The girl was happy with the light!

Action Child Mobilization made another distribution of books and lights to the communities of Googo, Sapkre, and Tempeligo. The books were given to the primary school in Googo (the only primary school between the three villages). The library at the primary school will now have over 600 books to share. The solar lights will be available for Grade 1 and 2 students to borrow. In addition, two teachers at the primary school have agreed to run reading centers in their communities. They have committed to gather Grade 1 and 2 children three times a week to read. Each meeting will be 90 minutes and children will use the solar book lights to read along.

ACM presents lights to Googo Primary School
Children’s Group Leader is receiving the solar room lights
Teachers excited about new books for library
Children shown how to use the book lights