June 2013 Ed Bourke and TBFF board member Larry Gates went to partner organization PEN Trust in Singida, Tanzania to distribute room lights and assess future solar-powered library locations. They also went to Uganda to visit partner organization Wells of Life, where they viewed a water well installed by Wells of Life and also discussed opportunities to drill additional wells.

Muwasuya Students and Teachers 

Wembere Students 

 Kizigo Students


March 2013 
The Bourke Family Foundation has sent a total of 500 room lights to Liberia. 250 lights went to The Liberian Assistance Program and 250 lights went to The Liberian Education Project. Both organizations are located in Monrovia.

February 2013 Along with sending a second shipment of 1,000 solar powered room lights to PEN trust, The Bourke Family Foundation has also send 10 solar panels which will illuminate 10 libraries in central Tanzania.


January 2013 Peace Corp volunteer Monica Phung distributed 500 solar powered room lights to children and artisans in Madagascar. An assembly was held at the local middle school where over 700 parents, students, and teachers came to receive lights. Speakers at the event included the Principal, President of the Parents’ Association, Mayor, Chef de District, Chef de CISCO (school board), and the head of the Police. It was a great success. Thanks for all your efforts Monica!