About Us

The Bourke Family Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2011 by Edmond, Gigi, Nicole, Madison, and Jacquelyn Bourke.  The family envisioned a world where each and every family has access to light, water, and shelter.

The Bourke Family Foundation works to provide the most basic needs to those most in need.   First and foremost, we believe in sustainability and long term solutions.  From solar powered lights to well construction projects, our programs are based on sustainability.  We provide solutions that empower beneficiaries with the ability to adapt and grow. Our foundation has no geographic or cultural boundaries. We strive to help those who share our approach and can most expand from our assistance.

Our Mission

The Bourke Family Foundation’s mission is to facilitate essential sustainable solutions to nurture a better life. We believe that by providing the essentials, families will be empowered to reach their greatest potential.