Light Shipments

The Bourke Family Foundation’s “Lights for Literacy” program focuses on providing solar powered room lights to children in areas that lack electricity as well as solar panels to illuminate libraries in secondary schools in Sub-Sahara Africa.  By partnering with local NGOs, we are proud to have provided over 4,000 solar book and room lights and 12 solar panels to children in Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, Madagascar, and Botswana. 

See below for updated room light and solar totals by year. 

We are currently organizing our 2013 shipment of room lights and solar panels, and look forward to continuing to help bring light to Africa.

Location Item 2011 2012 2013 Total
Ghana Room Lights 500 500   1000
  Solar Panels   2   2
Tanzania Room Lights 450 1000   1450
  Solar Panels   10   10
Liberia Room Lights 50 500   550
Botswana Room Lights   500   500
Madagascar Room Lights   500   500
Papua New   Guinea Room Lights 10    


Please return to this more updates as we will include more information
and pictures as the program progresses!

Click on photos to see what we’re sending to Tanzania, Ghana, and Liberia!